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Storm Damage on Your Roof? Here’s What You Need to Do

Heavy Rain Flowing Over Gutter

Are you concerned your house has a storm damaged roof in the Sunshine Coast? You can tell if there are damaged or missing shingles, broken gutters and downspouts, damage around ventilation structures or if you have a leak. 

A storm damaged roof is something that needs to be fixed right away to protect your home and the things inside it, including the people living there. That’s when it’s time to call Stormguard Roofing. If this is an issue you’re dealing with, here’s what to do. 

Assess the Damage

Damage on your roof can be different depending on the type of storm it went through. Was it high winds or was it a deluge of rain? We don’t suggest accessing your roof yourself, as this can be dangerous if not experienced.

You can take pictures for your insurance company from the ground or from the inside so you have a record of what you’re dealing with.

What to Look For

There may be obvious signs of damage to your roof after a storm. Knowing what to look for helps you tell us what the problems are so we can send the right person to fix it.

Things to be on the lookout for include shingles that are gone or broken, a build-up of shingle granules in your gutters and missing flashing around skylights and vents. You also want to look for seals that are loose or missing and any water damage on the roof.

You also need to check for water damage inside the house as that also indicates a problem with your roof after a storm has passed. 

Check with Your Insurance Company

It’s important to contact your insurance company to let them know that you have storm damage so that you can get a claim started. This ensures that you are covered for the cost of repairing the roof and won’t have to worry about paying for it out of pocket.

Share any information you have about the damage, as well as the photos you took, which can help speed the process. Make sure you file all the necessary paperwork in a timely manner as well. 

If you have storm damage on your roof in the Sunshine Coast, it’s time to call us here at  Stormguard Roofing for repairs.

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