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As arguably the most important part of your home, the health of your roof dictates the health of your house.

It not only protects you, your family, colleagues or employees from the elements, but also your long term investment.

While you may be able to get away with damage to other parts of your premises, your roof is different.

As providers of roofing Sunshine Coast homes and businesses trust, we know the importance of a good looking, intact roof.

That’s why getting your roof renovated can be as good as buying a new property, but much cheaper.

Roofing Maintenance

If you have left your roof unmaintained for any length of time, it could be suffering from wear and tear.

Roofs can take up a huge surface area, even on quite modestly sized properties. Pitched roofs especially consist of a surprising amount of materials.

There could be many hundreds of tiles making up your roof, in a number of configurations.

With the climate in the Sunshine Coast, a couple of summers and winters can easily see signs of damage.

This is especially likely where your roof has joins, points and ends.

These are likely to face the biggest challenges from the sun, wind and rain. Although you won’t usually realise it, some parts of your roof come in for a lot of punishment.

As well as replacing chipped or broken tiles, a good roof restorer will look after your hips, ridges and barges.

These need to be re-pointed regularly, with flexible pointing to cope with all weather conditions.

Then there are the flashings, valleys and fittings which penetrate your roof.

Details like these need to be carefully looked after to protect the integrity of your whole roof.

Highest Standards

As trusted suppliers of roofing Sunshine Coast residents and business owners rely on, we work to the highest standards.

These are detailed and enforced by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), which issues licenses for roof restoration contractors. To qualify for a QBCC license, your roofer has to prove it has the right training, equipment and expertise.

Having your roof restored is a major job. As such, your property, its grounds and any people within them need to be protected.

This applies before, during and after your restoration. From inspection through to completion and after care, your contractor should have the right public liability insurance.

That way you can be confident that all your concerns are being taken care of.

As well as using the best sealants and paints, your contractor should also clean up after themselves.

You don’t want anyone tripping over an overlooked tool or piece of roofing material. Details such as these should all be covered in a comprehensive warranty, covering work as well as materials. That way, you know you’ve spent your money wisely.

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