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Metal vs Tile Roofing: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Now that metal roofing has become more affordable, people are asking if metal is worth buying over tile roofing. StormGuard are inundated with requests for roofing on the Sunshine Coast, and more people are asking for metal roofing. So, which is the best?

The Expense and the Result

A metal roof is more expensive, and both a metal and tile roof will last around fifty years. The thing about a metal roof is that it is more durable and survive much harsher treatment than a tile roof. However, this doesn’t matter if the roof is less likely to come under stress. If you live in an area where strong storms happen frequently, then a metal roof is worth the extra expense.

Metal Roofs do not Insulate as Well

A metal roof will heat up quite a bit and will conduct that heat down through your house. On the other hand, it will not help you very much if heat is escaping from your home. Obviously, you can insulate your attic yourself with foams and layers of different materials. Nevertheless, on their own, tile roofs insulate better, and they do not pass as much heat down into your house.

Tile Roofs Look Better

This is not always true, but for the most part, a tiled roof looks better than a metal roof. Over the years, people are going to come up with new ways to make metal roofs look great. However, at this point, metal roofs are still pretty ugly when compared to tiled roofs. If you are looking for a fancier metal roof, then it will probably cost you a lot more than a regular metal roof.

Tile Roofs Are Easier and Cheaper to Repair

A tile roof is easier to damage, be it through a storm, or be it through people throwing stuff on your roof. However, it is also easier to repair than a metal roof. With that point in mind, most metal roofs do not need fixing unless they take some serious damage. It takes a lot more to fix a metal roof, so it only breaks if somebody shoots a hole in it, or the chimney falls onto it, or a tree falls onto it. Under most circumstances, a metal roof shouldn’t need repairing for tens of years.

Conclusion – Is Metal Better?

Since metal roofs are more expensive, people are assuming they are better. But, the fact is it is all due to circumstance. If you are ready for new roofing on the Sunshine Coast, then get in touch with StormGuard. Weigh up the pros and cons and make your decision.

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