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How Roofing Can Help with Your Home’s Heating Management

heat management roofing

Your roof is a very important part of your home and shouldn’t be ignored. It is not only a barrier against the elements, but can well help you in other respects, if you are willing to take note and invest in it.

During the winter months when the temperature drops and the rain falls, you want to feel safe and snug in your home. This is the time when you use your home heating the most. It is also the time when your energy bills soar.

One of the main causes of that is escaping heat. Warmth can dissipate through walls, windows, and doors, but because heat rises, mainly through your roof.

We at Stormguard Roofing have the solution to that. Because of our years of experience in roofing on the Sunshine Coast we would like to tell you how roofing can help with your home’s heating management.

Cool Tech

What is Cool Tech? Cool Tech is a very simple, but very effective application that will help you with your heating bills. It is an insulation coating and applied as paint.  The paint is filled with thousands and thousands of tiny ceramic particles. It’s the same principle as nano technology. During the drying process, evaporation takes place.

Like any other paint, it contracts as it dries. As the wet paint dries and contracts, it pulls together all those tiny ceramic particles. What you are left with a ceramic film or coating, effectively sealing your roof. Applying Cool Tech has worthwhile benefits.

What Can it Do?

Apart from adding another barrier against the elements, like normal paint, it reflects and refracts sunlight from your roof. The tiny ceramic particles embedded within it will dissipate the heat of the sun and so reduces heat build-up within your attic/roof space.

At the same time, during the colder months it reduces heat loss through your roof when it is necessary to heat your house. Heat loss equals higher energy bills.

The Reverse Side

What about those sweltering summer months? Just as this application can help with your heating costs, it can also help with reducing your cooling costs too.

Heat build-up during the hottest months will make you use your air conditioning more. Like heat, cool air will dissipate too, if it can. If you apply this coating to your attic decking, it can’t escape.

Contact Stormguard Roofing for Heating & Cooling Solutions

So, if you are bothered by your heating or cooling costs, contact us, Stormguard Roofing, through our message page and we will gladly supply you with all the facts and figures.

After 17 years of roofing on the Sunshine Coast, we know what we are talking about.

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