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Eumundi Property Asbestos to Colorbond Reroof

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With his delightful Eumundi property being around 65 years old, owner Michael Whitehead wasn’t surprised to discover that he had an asbestos roof. But, thanks to Stormguard Roofing Sunshine Coast, the problem was easily solved.

Michael Whitehead is a smart home-owner! When he purchased this Eumundi property to renovate, he totally did the right thing by starting at the top and working down.

Discovering asbestos, he called us in to assess the problem, and then replace the asbestos with a new Colorbond roof. Michael knew we had all the necessary licenses, permits and equipment to safely remove and dispose of asbestos.

Result? A stunning new look for this old home, that is both safe and long-lasting. Michael chose Colorbond Windspray®, a mid-strength, grey roof with a blue undertone, that is both on-trend and timeless.

Michael was thrilled with the result, and has now started renovations to the inside of the property.

If your property has an asbestos roof – and you’re worried about the potential health threat to your family – we can help.

Stormguard Roofing Sunshine Coast – your local, licensed asbestos expert.