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Asbestos Removal Steps

We’ve all heard the horror stories about asbestos so, when you discover it in your roof, it’s hard not to panic. Stormguard Roofing Sunshine Coast can safely remove the asbestos and replace it with a new Colorbond roof. Here’s how we do it.

Once you get over the shock of finding asbestos in your home, you may be surprised to learn that it is a very common problem on the Sunshine Coast. In fact, if your property was built prior to 1990, it’s quite likely that this potentially dangerous material will be found.

Now banned in Australia, asbestos is safe whilst it remains intact. Unfortunately, as the years pass, asbestos starts breaking down, releasing its deadly fibres into the air around you.

The best solution for your health, peace-of-mind and property is to replace the old asbestos with a new Colorbond roof. It’s something we specialise in, and we have all the licenses, permits and equipment needed to legally and safely carry out the job.

If you suspect your existing roof contains asbestos, this is what to do:


The first step is to contact Stormguard Roofing Sunshine Coast. We will arrange a time to come and inspect your roof and give you a fully detailed written quote for removing the asbestos and replacing it with a new Colorbond roof. If the asbestos is already damaged, we will make this a priority.


A date will be set to safely remove and dispose of the asbestos, and replace it with a Colorbond roof. We will ask you to vacate the property for the day, while removal tales place. Wearing protective clothing and breathing apparatus, our expert team will start to strip the asbestos, following all Health & Safety precautions and legislation.


On the day of the job, all materials will be delivered to the site and our specialist team will finalise all safety and environmental requirements. After changing into protective clothing and breathing apparatus, the team will start removing the asbestos, following all Health & Safety Precautions and Legislation.
As the asbestos is removed, it will be carefully and securely wrapped and bound on the roof to avoid any contamination of the surrounding environment. We then use a crane to lift down the large, heavy packs and load them into our tip truck for correct disposal.


Once all the Asbestos sheeting has been safely removed, we will vacuum and PVA spray the ceiling cavity, to remove and contain any asbestos dust particles. Now we can start fitting your new roof.
We recommend Colorbond as the best product to cope with Australia’s harsh climate. Able to withstand extreme weather conditions and heat, it will protect your home for many years to come.


With your stunning new roof in place, and all debris removed, you can safely head home and be amazed! We know you will love the results. Your new Colorbond roof will totally transform your property, reducing your maintenance costs and adding $$$$$ to the value.


We add your completed job to the many others we have carried out on the Sunshine Coast over the last 17-plus years. For your peace-of-mind, the BlueScope warranty is up to 25 years on Colorbond products – and we use ONLY Australian materials.