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Asbestos Checklist

Asbestos is a dirty word these days. Mention it and alarm bells immediately go off. But remember, if you come across asbestos in your home, you’re not alone. Around a third of all houses built in Australia contain asbestos products.

Up until the mid-1980s, Australia was probably the highest user of asbestos per capita in the world. When it was invented, it was a major breakthrough in building materials. It was cheap, versatile, flexible, and offered great tensile strength and insulation.

It’s everywhere: if you haven’t got it in your home, the chances are your neighbour has! But before you panic, remember asbestos only becomes dangerous when it’s broken.

If you think you have an asbestos roof, the following checklist will be useful.

  • Get an expert assessment:
    That way you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Stormguard Sunshine Coast is happy to come and take a look for you, and offer advice and guidelines.
  • Regular monitoring:
    If it is confirmed you have an asbestos roof, it’s important to monitor it for any signs of breakage or wear. Asbestos does break down over time, so it’s very important to be aware.
  • Cleaning the gutters:
    You need to be mindful of the dangers of asbestos whenever you carry out property maintenance. This is particularly true when you clean the gutters. Be very careful not to disturb the asbestos.
  • DON’T, DON’T, DON’T:
    When it comes to asbestos, don’t break or chip it, don’t drill it, don’t cut it, don’t sand it or wire-brush it. Don’t use a high pressure water jet on it. In fact, just leave it alone!
  • Don’t walk on it:
    It’s not unusual for homeowners to get up on their roofs, to clean gutters or trim overhanging trees. Don’t do that if you have an asbestos roof.
  • Damage control:
    If you notice that the asbestos is starting to break down, contact us immediately! Your roof will need to be replaced. This is a very specialist process, and one in which we are highly skilled and experienced. DO NOT REMOVE ASBESTOS YOURSELF.

We will need to inspect and assess your roof to determine the extent of the damage. We will then talk through the whole process with you, and give you a quote for removing and disposing of the asbestos, and fitting a new roof.

Rest assured, we have all the necessary licenses and permits to carry out this work, and permission to remove the asbestos from the site, and dispose of it safely.