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Your roof is often something you don’t think about until something goes wrong.

Although a durable, important feature to your home—like everything—it’s prone to damage over time.

At Stormguard Roofing, our expert team want homeowners throughout the Sunshine Coast to be able to identify the symptoms of a roof that’s in need of repairs.

For quality roofing on the Sunshine Coast—call the professionals. Call Stormguard.


Sometimes issues with your roof are obvious, while other times it’s a little more subtle.

At Stormguard Roofing, we are here to point out the main symptoms of a faulty roof. They are as follows:   

  • Shingles are cracked, dirty, wet or absent
  • Wear & tear of roof openings/objects
  • There are water stains on your ceiling
  • Water dripping from ceiling during torrential rain
  • The roofline is sagging
  • Small pieces of black granules laying around the roof perimeter on the ground
  • Flashings around skylight has deteriorated
  • Ridge tiles require re-bedding

If your roof has one or more of these issues, or you’re not sure, contact Stormguard Roofing to have one of our expert roofers come and inspect the property.


Stormguard Roofing is the Sunshine Coast’s premier choice for high-quality roofing services at affordable prices.

There are various roofing businesses on the Sunshine Coast to choose from, but below is a list of why we believe you should choose us:

  • We are Master Builders & HIA members
  • All work is completed inhouse
  • Our sealers & paints come with a warranty
  • We use a tipper truck to transport waste (incl. asbestos)
  • Our steel products are 100% Australian made
  • Over 8,000 roof restorations completed
  • We provide a 100% manufacturer’s warranty

Need roofing on the Sunshine Coast? Stormguard Roofing is your experienced and dependable choice.

Whether you need your roof repaired, restored or a new gutter—our team ensures a high-quality result that you can stand under with confidence.  

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