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Heat Management

With years of experience in providing roofing solutions on the Sunshine Coast, Stormguard Roofing recommends the use of Cool-Tech.

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Improving Your Home’s Heat Management On The Sunshine Coast

As well as protecting you from the elements, your roof plays a major part in the heat management of your property.

Heat enters and leaves your home through the roof, windows, walls and floor. In winter, you can lose 25% to 35% of your home’s warmth through the roof.

Of course, on the Sunshine Coast, it’s more a case of keeping the heat out during summer – to avoid huge air-conditioning bills!



Cool-Tech prevents radiant heat from entering the roof’s cavity.


This is how it works

  • Cool-Tech is made up of ceramic particles, which create a thermal barrier. These particles refract, reflect and dissipate heat, reducing the temperature in your home by up to 10 degrees on hot summer days.
  • This amazing technology will dramatically reduce temperatures in the roof cavity, saving up to 30% on cooling energy cost and 10% on heating costs.
  • For maximum performance, Cool-Tech can be easily applied during our standard roof restoration process.