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Follow These 4 Tips To Stay Safe On Your Roof

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Do you make a habit of getting up on your roof? Are you taking the necessary safety precautions? The chances are, you’re not! Read on and learn how to stay safe on your roof.

Truth be told, we’d much rather you called in a professional, than risk getting up on the roof yourself! It can be a dangerous business – and we should know!

Perhaps you get up on the roof regularly to clean the gutters, or carry out other maintenance. These tips are designed to keep you safe.


Your first step is to gather everything you need to carry out the task. This should include a ladder, safety harness, soft-soled shoes, and a bucket to hold your tools. A hat and some sunnies are recommended, to avoid roof glare.


An extension ladder is usually required to access your roof. Ensure the ladder is in good condition, and extended correctly to lock into place. When placing your ladder, remember to look up and check for overhead power cables. Avoid leaning the ladder against damaged guttering.
We highly recommend asking a friend or family member to steady your ladder. This also means help is at hand if something goes wrong.


Avoid stepping on guttering, broken roof tiles or sheets, and any areas that look or feel unsafe. If you spot anything that looks like asbestos, DO NOT touch it. Come down from the roof and, if the asbestos was damaged, phone Stormguard Roofing Sunshine Coast.

You should also come down off the roof if you start to feel dizzy or uncomfortable, or if the conditions become wet and/or windy.


If your property is two-storey or more, or if the roof is steep and pitched, we recommend you put your tools away and call in a professional! In fact, for any roofing problem or maintenance, we suggest the following 3 steps:

  • Put away your ladder and tools
  • Phone Stormguard Roofing on 07 5499 7500
  • Make a cup of coffee and relax.